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Southend Quality Car Care

Auto Body Work, Auto Painting, Auto Repair & Service, Family Owned & Operated, Maintenance, Tires

Languages Spoken:

English, Spanish

Accepted Payment:

Cash, Check, Credit


7 days per week

Raul makes your engine purr

Mechanics Who Care

At Southend Quality Auto Care we take care of you and your car too. Visit or call our friendly reception desk and tell us how we can help you today. We do all automotive services and repairs including oil changes, tune-ups, diagnostics, transmissions, clutches, brakes, tires, air conditioning, radiators, emissions, and complete engine overhauls.

We make your life easier with everything auto in one shop. Need body work or a fresh coat of paint? We do that too. We even pick up your junk cars for free. Need a pick-me-up for yourself? Take a coffee break at our Southend Espresso stand in front of the shop. In fact, stop by for coffee anytime. We’re conveniently located on 14th Avenue South across from gas, services, and food. Cash, checks, and credit cards accepted for automotive services.

Just For Fun!

Oil Change and Espresso, Pronto

Are you the one driving the stinky car on the highway? Don’t put off your oil change any longer! Come in to Southend Quality Auto Care for friendly service (always on the house), fair prices (for quality work), and coffee while you wait from Southend Espresso (right out front). Need more than an oil change? No problem, we do it all: service, repairs, body work, paint, and tires. Visit us in South Park and take care of that maintenance you’ve been putting off. Your car will breathe easier, and you will too.

Contact Us

8902 14th Avenue S
Seattle, WA 98108
206-767-8061; Fax: 206-767-6571