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Latin Used Tires

Bike Repairs, Flat Repair, Locally Owned, Used Tires, Used Wheels

Languages Spoken:

Limited English, Spanish

Accepted Payment:

Cash Only


Mon-Sat: 8:30am-7pm
Sun: Closed

Online Special:

$15-$50 for tires, varies; works with his customers

Great Work, Guaranteed

You need a fresh set of tires, like, yesterday, and you don’t want to empty your wallet. Visit us at Latin Used Tires where you’ll find the right tires and rims for the right price. We buy and sell used and new tires, with sale prices ranging from $15-$50 depending on size.

Don’t let a stray nail in your tire slow you down. We take care of your tire repairs so you can get moving again. Our customers are always satisfied because we guarantee all our work. The next time you need tires for a fair price, don’t waste time driving around for a deal.

Contact Us

8620 14th Ave S
Seattle, WA 98108